The Internet of Energy Network

Unlocking Global Minigrids • The Internet of Energy Network is an interconnected system of minigrids that facilitate transactions within and between local energy ecosystems: from the appliance level, to energy generation, storage, and consumption. 

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Unlocks minigrids

At its core, the IOEN unlocks the capability for local minigrids to be created. A minigrid is an ecosystem of individuals and devices that can transact with one another.

Device agnostic

The IOEN protocol is device and brand agnostic, ensuring that aggregation and machine-to-machine transactions can take place on any device that produces, consumes or stores electricity.


The IOEN’s agent-centric architecture enables it to take advantage of the benefits of decentralisation and prior blockchain architectures, without compromising on scalability or security.

The Internet of Energy Network Currency

There are two currency layers. The Internet of Energy Network (IOEN, pronounced ‘ion’) currency is the top layer currency that is used as a staking mechanism to unlock minigrids.

Staking the tokens unlocks local Internet of Energy Community (IOEC) tokens, which are locally used as grid support and energy trading currencies.

The system is built on the Holochain platform and benefits from the Holochain core competencies in privacy, scalability, and efficiency.

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